Hey world,







I may be borderline in need of a vector art makin’ intervention. It’s just so fun!


Answered prayers


For the last few weeks I’ve been dreading today, because it’s the day my boyfriend leaves for South Africa for three-ish weeks to visit family. Which I know sounds slightly ridiculous on my part, but I’m going to let it slide because it’s only day one and I haven’t adjusted to the absolutely no contact yet.

And I’m slightly dreading tomorrow because two weeks ago I found out I broke my right pinky in my sleep, and tomorrow I’m going back to the DR because my left pinky feels broken now too. Did you follow that? I possibly broke two fingers, in my sleep, no recollection of said accident. I’m positive the doctors think I’m insane.

And the timing couldn’t be anymore crazy, because I’m taking summer classes until August, all that are online or ad design classes. Sooo my fingers might be cool functions to have.

But in the midst of all this, answers to my prayers keep popping up and it’s honestly the most incredible thing. Reminders that this is genuinely the most incredible, caring, supportive relationship I’ve ever had, so it’ll be okay and we’ll figure it out. Reminders that it’s completely okay to embrace your ability to brake bones in your sleep and laugh it off when people ask you about it. And to blame your bad driving/lack of tolerance for annoying people on it. And reminders that there’s always a way to make things work. Even if it means adding some class to graphic design by keeping your pinky straight up constantly.