Getting lost in translation

I'm so sorry I haven't been around lately. Between finals, working and constant health issues; I had no time. However, knee surgery recovery has reminded me to slow down and I have some time to get back to my passions.

You know those moments where you are just so inspired that you have to get it out? That's how I'm feeling today. I've been stuck on the couch resting for the last four days, so the closest I've gotten to dressing up is deciding what basketball shorts I want to wear. However, I have been stalking some of my favorite fashion blogs and am now bursting with fashion inspiration, so I'm going to do some walk-throughs of how I style myself when I'm up and about during the summer. Since I live in Texas, the weather is incredibly hot, usually humid and it takes some practice to figure out the balance between looking cute, and staying cool.

One of my favorite summer basics are really loose tank tops and t-shirts (like the one seen here from Old Navy) that I can dress up with accessories. They're really easy to just throw on with shorts, skinny jeans and leggings.

So this is how I normally dress it:

Either a bright colored scarf, or some statement jewelry is almost ALWAYS how I change my outfits up. I literally own about 10 of those tank tops in different colors, and probably a hundred tanks total so I have to get creative to make them look different. I also love gladiators with everything. I know, I know. Pageant girls are supposed to live in heels, but I'm not a big fan. My boyfriend is my same height so I tower over him if I wear heels, and now with my knee I'm not allowed to. So my love affair of gladiators continues. I also love bright nail polish over the summer. Right now mine are coral to go with my outfit for my boyfriend's graduation tomorrow, but as soon as graduation is over I'm going back to something fun and bright.

That's basically all I do for summer day to day. Cross body bags are amazing, and I usually braid back the front portion of my hair and go! Since tomorrow is graduation, I'll walk through my dressier stuff then.

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