I'm officially that crazy old lady.

And guys, I don't turn 20 for another six months. I'm supposed to just be a baby.

But let me start from the beginning. When I was thirteen, I went to church with a friend and her family. Afterwards, they treated us to IHOP and my friend and I needed to use the restroom. No one was in there, so she used the regular stall and I used the handicap. Just as I'm about to flush, this women comes in and starts hitting her cane as hard as she can on my door screaming at me to get out, because she's handicap and needs to use the restroom. Then she yelled at both of us when we got out that we shouldn't be using handicap restrooms. I thought she was crazy.

Today is a little over four weeks since my knee surgery, but I'm still pretty sore after work and until I start rehabbing it, I have to use a handicap parking pass.Cody and I went to Wal-Mart, and see these two young kids take the last handicap scooter. So I went up to them and very politely said "excuse me, are you handicap?" "No, I just thought I might be about to throw up so I grabbed it". So I explained that I was temporarily handicap and didn't find that amusing, so they needed to put it back. They just laughed, one of the boys told me his parents were dead and then walked off. Alright, fine. So then we're back looking at calendars, and the two boys were with a bigger group of kids and I guess trying to show off. So he yells "Hey, crazy lady! HEY YOU, HANDICAP B*TCH!" Right? So Cody and I go over, and they all start cussing me out. Then the kid in the handicap cart starts to throw a styrofoam ball at me, so I walk over to him, knock it on the ground, look him in the eye and said "You want to see my scars to prove you're messing with someone who's handicap? I'm not scared of you." They get in this fight with us telling us that they're freshman in High School and they'll meet us there on the first day of school to fight and put it on YouTube. Yes, they're FOURTEEN. So I not so nicely told them that a) We're in college. B) They probably needed to go find a better baby sitter. C) That if their parents really were dead, I would adopt them so we could work on respecting others and D) To enjoy growing up, and try to find a girlfriend so they'd stop showing off for stupid girls who hang out at Wal-Mart. So they walked away, and I made Cody guard the cart while I found an employee to take it back up front.

I have lost my mind. Seriously.

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