Awkward Awesome Thursday


  • Giving a speech in class, and completely forgetting what I was doing "Uh. Sorry, my brain turned off" I'm sure they all thought I was normal. 
  • "The kids don't listen to you because you're young and pretty". So what am I supposed to do? Find a time machine and make myself old, and get some plastic surgery?
  • Being mommy jacked
  • My classes being so unruly that a teacher had to come in and get on to them. 
  • Walking into the library to find Cody, only to walk directly into him and say "You look just like my boyfriend!" Well, duhhh....
  • Getting huge hugs from all my kindergartners when they see me. 
  • Cody bringing me home chocolate covered peanuts "just because"
  • Making a leopard print duct tape wallet. 
  • Desperate Housewives 
  • The huge red velvet cupcakes at HEB
  • Knowing enough Spanish I can communicate with some of my kids.
  • Running out of black eyeliner, and rediscovering my teal eyeliner.

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