Awkward/Awesome Thursday


  • Holding the door for someone, then having to get in the elevator next to them. Being the only two in the elevator, and your new companion striking up conversation. We will be in here for three minutes, we don't HAVE to talk.
  • People who wait five minutes for the elevator, then go up one floor. (I mean people who are physically capable of walking up flights of stairs) 
  • Getting my first C on an English assignment ever, three times in one bundle. Did that make sense? My TA passed back everything at once. Three C's, never in my life have I gotten even one C in English. I'm slipping.
  • Trying to tell a teacher how their class saved a young child's life, and them just announcing you don't look Mexican. I knew that, since I'm not Mexican...
  • People in Target using the sample items like they would a product they own. I saw a girl put the lipstick on her mouth, and did her entire eye make up without using the sample brushes. Maybe it's my germaphobe showing, but I find that gross.
  • The same little boy who threw his backpack at my head Friday coming up to me, giving me a hug and saying "You deserve a raise. If they can't pay for all of it, I'll use my allowance to help, but you need to be making $1,000 an hour!"
  • All the kids who come rushing up to me after school to tell me about their day or their problems. I love that they trust me that much. 
  • Co-workers that crack me up.
  • Tuesday, I was listening to the walkie talkies because you can hear truckers driving by the school and their conversations. So all of a sudden this man starts yelling:
Man 1: Awhh, crap. My trailer busted open and my cow fell out. I repeat, MY COW IS ON THE HIGH WAY! Does anyone see little bluebonnet?
Man 2: Yeah, I see her. Want me to tie her up for you?
Man 1: Nah, I ain't turning around. Can you just take her and meet me at a gas station so we can trade?
Man 2: I guess, I'm in a Borden truck though so I hope she don't get cold
  • Wearing real clothes everyday, as opposed to the t shirt and athletic shorts I lived in over the summer.
  • It's almost the weekend!

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