Won’t my mommy be so proud of me?

Normally, my weekends aren't very social. I'm just so worn out from the week that I need to give myself that two days to recover and do homework. When this popped up on my twitter feed? Cut a little too close to home. Winking smile


This weekend didn't quite go like that.


Saturday I had dress fittings for my friend's wedding. We found gorgeous bridesmaid dresses that everyone was satisfied with. My intention was to come home and get all my homework done. Intentions never seem to actually happen, do they? I had eaten all day so Cody took me to go get a TV dinner. Which I ate, then immediately threw up. My poor cat was so freaked out. According to my mom she came sprinting in the bathroom and refused to leave until I got up, then when I went in my room to sleep she cried outside my door until mom let her in. I woke up to her cuddled up against my stomach, and she followed me around all day. Such a good little nurse.

Today was a super long photo shoot. And can we just talk about make up for a second?


Everything I’m wearing? From the drugstore. I did my own make up, and I tried to keep it pretty similar to my every day. Eye shadow is from Ulta, lashes are ELF (For a DOLLAR! My only complaint is that the glue wasn’t the best and I forgot to bring my extra glue), eyeliner was from ELF, foundation is the Maybelline Poreless pump foundation, blush was CoverGirl and lipstick was Maybelline. So all in all, my make up for the entire shoot cost me $22. For my whole face. Later this week I’ll post how I do it, but right now just know it was cheap, easy and photographed incredibly well.

So far I just have the pre-lunch shots, but I’ll post the rest as I get them. For one part we went down to the ghetto of Fort Worth and I developed quite the fan club.


We had people bumper to bumper slowly driving by, turning their heads all the way around to watch. Seven cars drove by five separate times, and one guy drove by twenty times, making U-turns at the end of the street. We also got lots of whistles, yells and honks so we left before anyone tried to come up to us and “befriend” our group. Have they never seen someone in a formal dress posing on the side of an abandoned building…?


I also got to meet a World Famous balloon tie-er/Rodeo clown in the stockyards. And some cattle. I’m moving up in the world, guys.


Did anyone else have a crazy weekend?

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