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Remember when I told you how I organize my closet?

Black Friday taught me all the organization means nothing if you have too many things to organize. I know, I didn't think it was possible either. But I somehow did it, and it was time for my biannual closet cleanout. Which was really easy when I was little. All I had to do was look at whatever it was, and see what size it was. Not my size? It's gone. But now, I don't grow. So what do I get rid of?

Generally the rule is something like if you haven't worn it in six months, then get rid of it. But I don't follow that. Texas weather is so funky, that for six months I could be wearing nothing but shorts. So does that mean get rid of all my winter clothes? Not going to happen. I love my sweaters.

I go by my Style Profile. Which sounds weird, but just go with it. To figure out what your style profile is, look at what you naturally gravitate towards in your closet and in the store. For me, I know I love stripes, bold colors, cardigans, dark wash jeans with either a straight leg or an extreme flare and floral. I know I don't ever wear anything I feel is overtly sparkly, gaudy or revealing. So then I can take that criteria and apply it to my closet.

Too short? Too sparkly? Doesn't fit? Out. That way I know everything in my closet is stuff that I will wear over and over again.

Before I purged the old stuff (left), after (right) and the clothes that are going to new happy homes (bottom)

Still don't know what your profile is? Look at pictures of your favorite outfits and find what they have in common, or ask someone who's close to you how they'd describe your style. I promise it makes everything five million times easier.

When you walk in the store, you know exactly what you can buy that'll get good wear.
When you look at your closet, you know that everything in there is worn, fits, and flatters you.
When you do laundry, you won't stress out about the three hours of washing, drying, folding and shoving things away you have ahead of you. Why? Because all that's left are the things you love.

Okay, I'm curious. What is everyone's style profile?

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Cara said...

So important to purge now and then, thanks for all of the tips!
xo Cara