I can be alone, I can watch the sunset on my own.



I’m not quite sure what the main purpose of Instagram is, to be honest with you. Because nine times out of ten, as I scroll through my feed it  ranges from the alcohol being consumed that night, parties, cats, make up and babies. Not all in the same picture. So I prefer to use it as snapshots from my life, to tell a story. These are the things that are important to me, that inspire me, and remind me who I am. These things are me, in a nice little group of pixels. (Can you tell I’ve been studying my computer programming notes?)

Even though I’m still an itty bitty twenty baby, I’m still discovering who I am rapidly. Like slap me across the face rapidly. And that’s something I don’t want to forget, ever. Because in twenty years, it’ll kill me to think that I didn’t take advantage of the right now. That I didn’t take enough changes. That I didn’t learn how I was. That I stayed too safe.

Which is where this comes in. The little iPhone pictures that remind me aspects of my life. The girly-girl who’s nails are always painted, the girl who loves working with kids, the girl who’s psychological side reminds her not to believe the horoscopes because of the studies done on them but believes them anyway, the girl who watches the sunrise and set everyday, the girl who loves owls, is addicted to coffee, enjoys the silence of being the first one on campus, celebrating birthdays, and having a sweet cat that loves unconditionally.

The inspiration, to keep going. Because even if I can’t verbalize who I am, I can picture it vividly. And that’s all I need to remember.


Taryn said...

I don't know that Instagram has an actual "purpose," but you should follow me (tarynrosexo)

La Mode by Marianne said...

Ahh yes...the combo of knowing and learning about yourself is a process, and you're doing a great job!

PS - I saw a really cute owl shower curtain at Target and thought of you lol.

Alana Christine said...

Since I'm your Love Guru, will you be my Nail Guru? haha. Yours always look amazing--like better than how the Asian Nail Techs (and no, I'm not racist) do them! I always paint them and then within hours they start chipping/peeling and I pick it all of : (

Anonymous said...

I was trying to explain Instagram to a friend one day and it came out really weird but somewhat true. I told her it was like Twitter and Picnik had a baby and it was the popular kid in school! (It was named iPhone's #1 app in 2011)
So glad to be your newest follower!
XO Anna

Jenni@Story of My Life said...

Congrats on being the first to enter my link up! Hehe!! Great pictures. And you must be following the wrong people on Instagram! I'm following mostly other bloggers, and the pictures blow. me. away. So beautiful and creative--and like you said, really tell a story. That's the way to go!

Have a great week girl! :)