Love is seriously the stupidest word ever. Mainly because there are apparently two versions in Spanish, that I don't know when to use where, and I have a test tomorrow. My poor little brain is going to explode. Someone remind me why I wanted a BA and a million semesters of Spanish?

I've decided though, even though currently I loathe the word, I still love stuff. A lot of stuff. Like the stuff I'm about to show you and share with you. You can thank me later for opening your eyes to such wonderfulness.

1.  Lovefool-- The Cardigans. I had completely forgotten this was my favorite song (oops) until Pandora reunited us.

"Love me, love me; say that you love me. Fool me, fool me; go on and fool me. Love me, love me; pretend that you love me. Lead me, lead me; just say that you need me."

2. Vibrant tote from F21. It took an entire week for it to get here, but it's finally here and I love it. Every time I pick it up after class, I internally oooh and ahhh over how easy it makes it to carry everything. 

3. Starry Eyed by Lights. Another song that's been my favorite, only this time I knew. I just didn't consciously know until I started singing it out of the blue. And now it's back in heavy rotation. 

"You look at me, it's like you hit me with lightening."


Alana Christine said...

You'll do great!
I LOVE that bag, too!

KnittedFox said...

I was looking at that bag last night.

That "starry eyed" song is really good. I've never heard it before, or actually never heard of that gal before. x.x I don't listen to the radio or have tv so I don't often get to hear new music lol!