Posing and dancing


Once upon a time I got a comment asking for advice on how to pose. Like, forever ago. And the person didn’t have their email linked so it wouldn’t let me just email me back. So I thought to myself “Hey, Anna! Why don’t you just make a whole post for it?” and then I finally got around to it today.


But, I would like to preface this with two disclaimers.

One, I felt like an idiot doing this, but someone asked me to so I did.

Two, I’m not a posing expert (just ask Lana, she makes fun of all my poses) by any means. I’ve just had some experience with it.

Okay, ready? Poses.

There’s really only two main positions you’re going to be in, sitting/close ups or standing/far away. When you’re sitting or the camera is doing a facial shot, your face should be a bigger priority than whatever your body is doing, and vice versa if you’re standing.

So like with these; (And yes, I took the last three myself on my webcam because I’m lazy and don’t want to get out of bed, but needed some more with me looking at the camera. Whatever)

2012-01-25 001 005120129-162530120129-162546120129-162745

Okay, so first of you obviously want to know where the camera is. Because if it’s at point a, and you’re looking at point Y then your picture is going to look all sorts of ridiculous. Unless it’s on purpose. But that’s a whole different thing. When you’re shot close up, you can play more with angles. Like, for me I prefer to have my face slightly angled because there’s more I can do with it. The big thing with up close is your eyes and your mouth. Relax your mouth, because otherwise you’re going to angry. When it’s relaxed, it’ll naturally part a bit, but won’t be so wide that you look like an adult film actor. Promise. With eyes, you want both of them to look the same direction (obviously) and look slightly above the lens so they look more open. Or look completely down. Closing your eyes gives you that same thoughtful, dreamy look so if it works for you, do it. I just start to fall asleep when I close my eyes.


And then there’s body shots.

 2012-01-25 001 0112012-01-25 001 0152012-01-25 001 016


I like these way better, because if you can make your body do something super cool (which 90% of the time I can’t) then your face doesn’t matter as much. Which is a lot less pressure. You mainly just want to make sure you aren’t standing up stick straight, because you’re going to look so uncomfortable and awkward. It’s kinda like dancing. If you’re at prom, you’re not going to be standing in the middle of the dance floor like you’re ready for military formations. You’re going to be dancing. Same thing with posing. Stick one hip out, spin, dance, whatever. You want to look like you were just casually living and this is a snap shot from that moment. Not like someone asked you to stand still, pose, and say cheese. For vacation pics, yes. For all other pictures, no. This is also where being flexible helps. If you can bend yourself, even a little bit, it’ll come off in the picture as natural. Even if you’re doing a back bend in the middle of a construction tube and feel like an idiot.


And no matter what, be okay with the fact that some pictures are going to come out ridiculous. Like all of these, most of which are form high school, so I can start to blame them on being young and stupid.



I feel like this is incredibly narcissistic. So please know I’m not obsessed with myself, I’m just publically answering a question. And if you have any more question, I would be so happy to answer them, privately. Winking smile


P.S. One of the pictures in the last grouping was from my very first high school party ever. I’ll let you figure out which one.


Breanna Hohenstein said...

Your pictures are gorgeous. Might I say you are very photogenic and beautiful :)

GingerPeachT said...

wow this is awesome!
I now wanna be a model and try out some poses haha can we like model together because that would be incredibly fun!

Alana Christine said...

Okay stop trying to make me sound like a horrible person. haha. I'm not THAT mean.
My personal favorites are the third and last ones in the first grouping. Super cute! I'm jealous that you're so stinkin adorable.
And the one I will make fun of you for? The one where it looks like you're violating the tree...

KnittedFox said...

Hehe, you are so cute! NOt to mention super pretty! Thanks for taking the time to write this cuz I feel soooooooo silly when I'm taking pictures for my knitting patterns. I'm such a big dork!

La Mode by Marianne said...

SUCH a cool post and good advice! Gorgeous pics! :)