Awkward and Awesome

I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaack! I needed an outlet to get everything out. And then I’m leaving again. But we’re almost there, y’all!

By the way, for MAO, we raise money for Children’s Miracle Network, which is an organization that donates money to a network of hospitals to help pay for research, new equipment and and uncompensated care.  If you want to donate, you can here. It’ll be through my Miss America account, but all money goes to CMN and helps out these kids. I’ve been reading up on it a lot more trying to prep for interview, and I’m just more and more in awe of the organization every paragraph I read. They’re awesome.

And, my new headshot is ready! Do I look legit yet?


  • My brakes were making a death sound, so my mom’s friend listened to them and declared I needed new brakes pads. So I go into NTB, find the guy working the counter and say “Hi. I lost my brake pads, and I may need a new rotator cuff” This is why I don’t talk about cars. And by the way, I had apparently been going for a year with horrible brakes, because another car place had assured me the noise was normal. Go figure.
  • Apologies that are followed up by “Well, I only did x because you did y” Uhm. No. You did x because you like to do x. I did y, because your definition of “Mind games” is apparently talking to my best friend with you in the same five mile radius.
  • I’m getting my spray tan tomorrow before work. Which means that it will slowly be developing while I’m at work. Poor children.


  • Listening to the kids at work try to explain what a pageant is. "miss Anna is doing pageant cards. A pageant is when a girl competes for the prettiest dress and shiny hair and cutest boyfriend!" SO CLOSE guys.
  • The dress I’m borrowing. SO pretty. I’m so excited.
  • Guy friends who give up their Friday AND Saturday night to help you prep for pageant, and then to watch you compete. Especially since this guy could genuinely care less about glitz and glamour. But he knows it’s important to me.
  • This false sense of hope I have that I’ll get everything done today.


Britt @ The Magnolia Pair said...

The brakes screeching was me about a month ago. There is something so embarassing about it! And they told me mine was normal too and to just endure it basically. Haha, I've gotten used to it though.

Alana Christine said...

You can and will get everything done today! And you will do great this weekend!

Michelle said...

I'm almost in tears laughing about the rotator cuffs! And only because I pretty much uttered that exact sentence last summer when the same thing happened to my car.

Sue said...

That first "Awesome" made me laugh. And apologies like that definitely suck!