I blame the Cowboys.

This is my current view right now. Remember last year when I tore my meniscus? Well, long story short, Thursday I was watching the football draft, started laughing because the Cowboys traded and fell off the couch. Then either re-tore or severely sprained my meniscus again. Cross your fingers it’s just a sprain, a tear would mean knee replacement, which would make competing this summer difficult.
In other news, tomorrow I have a special group to tell you about and eventually this week I’ll get to the Polyvore tutorial that Alana has been begging me for for weeks.

But until then, check me out over here. My super sweet director let me talk about my platform on her bloggy blog today. Plus she blogs about some really cool stuff.

Later, gators.


Alana Christine said...

Feel better, girl!!

Illegally Blonde said...

feel better and miss ya!

Courtney B said...

Oh nooooo! I'm so sorry! I hope it's not bad and you're healing as I type!

Sweet Tea In Sicily said...

:(:(:( Knee REPLACEMENT?! Oh my gosh... I'll be praying that it's not that bad. Get well soon!!