Awkward and Awesome Thursday



  • I’ve hit old lady status. I get so desperate for human contact that I go to Walgreens just to talk to people, and hope that I’ll notice the mail lady coming up. It’s just so lonely being inside all day with my cats.
  • Definitely fell asleep during my MRI yesterday…
  • Trying to send an email to someone and it never getting there.
  • My lack of bicep.
  • How horribly weird these make me out to be. I swear I just hit photo burst and went for it.


  • I should get the MRI results back TODAY to know what’s going on with my knee. I will know by the weekend for sure.
  • Not having to miss class for this because it’s dead week
  • My Miss Texas dress is here!
  • Diet Snapple Raspberry tea. SO YUMMY, and it just goes into my water bottle.
  • My cat falling asleep last night with my arm around her.


Hollie Ann said...

i'm a cat lady too! both awkward and awesome :)

Alana Christine said...

Nasty, cat lady!! haha. Good thing I love you...
I want a sneak peek of the dress.

Janna Bogert said...

I still wish I had gotten your email! I also wish I lived near you, so I could come keep you company! PS. I still can't wait to see your dress!

Sweet Tea In Sicily said...

I wanna see the dress!!!