Sassy pants

I love this. Sassy pants

I love days like this. Where you feel like the world is completely spinning in your favor. Problems arise and you knock them out of the park. Unstoppable. And while I know that not every day is going to be like this, and tomorrow might completely overwhelm me, today is my day. I got a high B on my hardest final, and will get the results of the rest of them next week. My knee is finally getting better, and it’s finally summer vacation. I’ve got my sassy pants on and I’m ready to take on the world.


Kodi said...

Love this!

And I love days when I wear my sassy pants. It always feels good:)

Oh and congratulations on your final exam:)

Janna Bogert said...

You GO girl!! I totally love those days...I have had a lot of them lately, so I hope that you keep having them too!

Sweet Tea In Sicily said...

Haha, love that eCard! Yay for good days!!