Why I’ve been dead

The last three days I was appearing at the Crowne Plaza Invitational Pro-Am. Monday I stood at one of the hole’s and helped hand out water and make sure the pros felt welcome. Tuesday was the pairing party to pick who would be with what pro on Tuesday, so we helped out with the pairing game, then today I did the same thing as Monday. I’ll have more pictures once I get them from the photographers, but I had such a good time make sure everyone was having fun, letting some of the golfers try on my sash, and being sped around on a golf cart. One of the teens and I almost fell off of one last night, because without warning the driver decided to do some off roading. Luckily, Miss Texas Outstanding Teen was sitting up front and yelled whoa loudly when she realized the road was on the left, and we were definitely headed to the right. Then today, as we left the course, we had to go under a rope to get out. The three of us with crowns were sitting in the back of the cart and did realize. So the front seat passengers put the rope down, we all drive through, and our crowns get completely clotheslined off our heads. I don’t think we stopped laughing the rest of the way up, especially since none of us really knew what was going on until we looked around and saw the other two with dangling crowns.

P.S. I definitely did that really awkward thing where someone wanted something from me and I shook their hand. Again. You’d think I’d learn by now. And if you want to see my big Twitter mention from the tournament, go to @CrownePlazaInv

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Georgina said...

The story about the clotheslining is hilarious!

Have a wonderful rest of your week :)