Awkward and Awesome Thursday

  • My dad was going to come to the doctors office with me to get the results of my knee. I got there before he did and they told me I was going to wait in the exam room. So when he texted me and told me he was almost there, I decided to just peek my head out and let them know he was coming. But when I stuck my head out there was a meeting going on between the office staff and my doctor. To his credit though, he knew who I was and just laughed it off.
  • I keep wanting to watch the Olympic gymnastics, because honestly that’s the only event that appeals to me, but I feel like I need to watch SOMETHING. But every time I turn it on, it’s boxing or canoeing. Uh okay.
  • The lack of cute clothing I’ve worn lately. My life has been costumed with nothing but leggings, basketball shorts and big comfy t’s. I don’t care.It’s not like I’m going out in public anyway.
  • I’ve cleaning my room for three days. And I have yet to realize that if I clean by piling things on my bed, then get distracted it’s not going to be clean. Because I’m going to want to go to sleep, and dump everything on my bed back on my dresser or whatever.
  • I’ve mentioned it before, but Becca and I are good friend in real life too. Yesterday I was flipping through my Google Reader, and noticed all of her posts had been reposted, but it said her blog name was Bob Dylan. And when I clicked on it, it took me to a blog with NO posts, and tag line reading “Bob Dylan. Want some?” Needless to say, we were both creeped out and still haven’t figured out what happened.
  • There are still three weeks until school starts. But I’m kinda excited to go back, just because I miss being within walking distance of the gym at all times.
  • The Pregnancy Project on LMN. It’s a true story about a high school senior who fakes a pregnancy to see first hand the stereotypes and discrimination teen moms face. I stayed up way too late last night watching it, but it’s incredible.
  • Guacamole. Which I can’t stop thinking about how bad I want. So it may be finding it’s way into my grocery cart.
  • And speaking of grocery purchases, the Iced Coffee that comes in quart containers. LOVE. And it’s easy to make. 
  • Oovoo-ing with my second family up in Connecticut.


Alana Christine said...

Olympics and swimming are pretty much all that I watch! lol
I haven't heard of that movie--now I HAVE to watch it!

Emily said...

The last time I turned the Olympics on it was women's table tennis, the US versus China. It was the most awkward / awesome thing I've ever seen on TV.

Sarah Cherney said...

Over all, sounds like a great week. I wish I was in the position to ANY of the Olympics... Work is in the way (I'm working over 30 hours between today and Saturday). Can I just live vicariously thought you? ;D

Janna Renee said...

After being dressed up for the pageant week, you deserve to bum it in comfy clothes!!

Sweet Tea In Sicily said...

While I was at the inlaws' we watched insane amounts of olympics... Every event imaginable... lol