Awkward and Awesome Thursday

I’ve been AWOL from blogging for almost a week.But I have a really good excuse I promise! School starts today (and I’m a junior which equals old feeling) so the last week I’ve been rushing around like crazy trying to get everything ready, and celebrate E’s birthday.

With sounds like it’d be an insane schedule, but it really wasn’t. Everything was chill, I was just busy. Apparently, though, awkward moments don’t gravitate away from you when you have a busy schedule. They come in full force.

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  • I had to be up really early one morning (early by summer standards, meaning I had to be up by noon) to pick E up from work an hour away. The night before I was having a MAJOR sugar craving and remembered we had java chocolate chip ice cream. I ate half a pint. Little known fact, coffee flavored ice cream has coffee in it. And if you watch the same three friends episodes (When Rachel has her baby) eight times, they get way less funny. Take note, Teen Nick.
  • E and I decided to go play bingo over the weekend, but neither one of us had ever played. So we went to a random bingo hall, sat down, and I started dabbing away to catch up to all the numbers that had already been called. Then had two ladies simultaneously come tell me I was going a little too dab happy on a game that my card wasn’t even for.
  • Being at a water park, getting in the lazy river and seeing a sign that requests patrons don’t enter if they’ve had diarrhea and that parents clean their children’s bums extremely thoroughly before entering. You know that’s only there because it happened.
  • Losing receipts for things you really need to return.


  • Getting an iPad to make lugging text books around campus less of a hassle.
  • Cleaned E’s room while he was at work as a surprise. Sometimes, I’m literally the best girlfriend ever. Not to brag.
  • The humor section on Pinterest
  • Bingo, Hurricane Habor, Disc Golf and a baseball game with my boy.
  • Finding out that my early morning class doesn’t start for another two weeks, giving me a long pre-class morning to chill.
  • Finding old text messages that remind you of exactly how everything got where it is.


Sarah Cherney said...
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Sarah Cherney said...

Bingo~ how fun! Did you guys end up getting any bingo's at all? Sounds like a crazy busy week!