1. Puppies THINK they love chips ahoy 2. Physical Therapy excercies 3. The transition between my local pageant and state pageant.

4. Asking me out on what would’ve been our first date 5. iPad so I don’t have to lug books around anymore 6. Cleaned E’s room for him while he was at work because I’m the best

7&8. Bingo date night 9. Toby refusing to let me out of his sight.

10. Until he realized my brother was willing to provide belly rubs 11. Miss TX week appearance 12. Birthday brownies!

13. More Miss TX week appearances with Keene 14. Clearance ring at Target

15. Judges reception during Miss TX week 16. Did I mention I love owls…?

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Alana Christine said...

Toby is so stinking cute!
Love that you still have that text message! lol