Awkward and Awesome Thursday

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  • People who say they’ll call you back, but don’t. If I’m calling you, I have a purpose. A real, honest to goodness, really need to talk to you purpose.
  • Calling my car dealership to find out about ordering a part I need for my car and speaking to a guy who sounded like he wanted to be anywhere but on the phone with me explaining how to order a splash guard.
  • Being the loudest one on the loud floor of the library. Or the only one talking.
  • Listening to funny stuff while studying in the library and wanting laugh, but realizing you can’t unless you want some weird stares. Or if you’re me, you DO laugh and have people ask you what’s so funny.
  • Being in the bathroom, waving your hands under the sink, until someone points out it’s not an automatic faucet.
  • 80 question vocab quizzes. What in the world…?


  • All the sweet e-mails/messages/comments I got about yesterdays post on beauty!
  • Having a four day week, which meant only having my longest class once this week.
  • Getting all of my homework done in only three hours.


modern Suburbanites said...

4 day weeks are the best! :)


Sweet Tea In Sicily said...

Hahaha I love reading these :) Always makes me laugh!

Mika said...

Love this post! I'm always the one randomly laughing in a silent place, but someone has to be...right? :)

PS: Thanks for adding me as a sponsor <3