Mean Girls Blog, too.

I read this post today at I Wore Yoga Pants to Work and it got me thinking about why I blog. And why I spend so much of my time thinking about what I want to post about, what I want my design to look like and reading through my reader every time I have some downtime. It comes down to having an outlet, a place where I don’t have to be super focused on school and studying. Because when my days are filled with none stop this:

photo 1photo 2 (3)

I start rockin’ that I haven’t slept in two days and just need to cram more terms in my head. I like having a place where I can play, where I can write about whatever, and keep track of what my life was like at any moment. I like having a place where I can design it however I want, and change it however often I want. This was never intended to be a business venture, or a brand. Just my outlet.

And I think that’s what baffles me about all this ridiculous hate that’s going around. If a blog is a business, fine. Critique it. But there’s a difference between hating someone because of their business plan, and getting on social media and bashing them because they like to dress nice, or they aren’t the same political affiliation as you.

And the people who do bash other bloggers, because of how they live, or dress, or parent or whatever are the first to get defensive and call up for back up when someone criticizes something about them. Putting yourself out on the internet is putting yourself in the public eye, yes. But if you’re going to publically critique people for how they live, you better be willing to take it just as hard as you give it.

I blog for the creative outlet. To express myself, to journal my life, to remember. I read blogs for inspiration, to get to know people from backgrounds other than my own, to expand my horizons and to keep in touch with people I don’t see as often as I used to. Why do you?

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Alana Christine said...

So true! You just have to ignore the haters!