Kisses, voting and owls, oh my!

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I’m home sick today. I have a really awesome migraine happening, and for some reason noisy classrooms always make them worse. (But it’s kinda ironic that I’m sick, because this beauty posted some migraine tips today. Chocolate cake gets me every time)
In other news, on my way home from dropping my little brother off I voted for President for the very first time. I’m keeping who I picked secret, because it ruins the fun to tell. But I was so excited walking out of the polling place, even with a pounding head and funky vision. I know it’s easy to take for granted, but I feel so blessed to live in a place that allows us to vote for who we want to lead us. Maybe that sounds cheesy, but it’s true. I’ve gotten a lot more into politics and absorbing the world around me lately.
Anyway, like I said. Head = dying. So now it’s just a lay in bed and get kisses from your dog kind of day. BTW, do cats understand people? Last night I asked Callie where her mama was (I don’t remember why, but it was less weird than it sounds) and she came running over to me, put her head on my chest then started kissing me. My heart melted into a big puddle right there.


Ashley said...

Aw, feel better, lady!

Meg {henninglove} said...

hope you feel better soon! my dogs frequently make my heart melt into a big puddle

Gentri said...

This is you being sick?! You still look stunning!