Nice guys finish last.

Aka Why girls date a-holes.

I was going through my Tumblr and found this from February. Enjoy, discuss, whatever. I’ll be back tomorrow with stuff about how dating a confident,  nice guy is way better. Because E is the best, so I’m practically an expert at this stuff.

I’m so tired of getting on Facebook and seeing guys complain that girls always pass them up for the straight up jerks, then complain about being hurt. 

Girls date guys who treat them like crap because then when he finally does say something nice, it feels like you’ve really accomplished something. Nice guys are constantly proud of you, constantly reminding you how awesome you are. There’s no question. With jerks, there is a challenge. You have to work to get him to like you, work to get him to say sweet things, work to keep him interested. It’s psychological. When you have to work for something, you automatically view it as more worth it. That’s why hazing bonds people.And if you want to be blunt, jerks haze you before you’re their girlfriend. And then they use you. They show you off to their friends as a trophy, as something they won and own. Nice guys know that you’re accomplishments are your own. Douche bags think that whatever their girl does is the same thing as something they’ve done. Nice guys are proud and cheer for you, Douche bags take credit. But initially that bragging and credit feels like he’s proud of you. Then you wise up. Girls date jerks because as much as they like being chased, they want to feel like they’ve won something too. Nice guys don’t brag about how awesome they are. 

Moral. Be confident. And a nice guy. Girls everywhere will fall for you.


Alana Christine said...

Couldn't agree more!!

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