Once Upon A Time


Typical story. Girl graduates high school, heads to college. Boy in different town graduates high school, heads to same college. Both become science-y majors, join freshman groups. End up in same classes. Girl’s friend thinks boy’s friend is cute, talks about his bum constantly. So girl and boy end up sitting next to each other in class so friend’s can flirt. Boy and girl become friends on Facebook and talk occasionally. Sometimes boy chases girl down after class to tell her lame jokes and talk about working out, but girl has a boyfriend and ignores boy’s advances. Boy goes back to his ex,  it doesn’t work out. Boy begins checking girl’s Facebook relationship status every so often. Girl realizes her relationship doesn’t feel right, ends things. Boy calls girl a few days before Valentine’s Day and asks her out. Girl says yes. Valentine’s Day comes, boy is running late so girl cancels on him. Spends Valentine’s Day alone. Boy and girl stop talking. Girl thinks the end of her and boy has come. But then boy starts texting her and asking to see her. So girl gets in her car and makes the hour drive to see him. They get along wonderfully, and laugh all night. A month of this happens, girl starts to get nervous because boy hasn’t asked her to be his girlfriend. But she waits, because he makes her laugh. The next night, he tells her he doesn’t want to introduce her as a friend anymore, he wants to call her his girlfriend. Girl feels her heart flip. Boy and girl date, get through Miss Texas, fights, and distance. Girl meets boys parents. Boy gives girl the world’s cutest kitten. Boy tells girl he loves her. Girl’s heart flips some more. Boy keeps making girl’s heart flip, daily.


Suzanne said...

I love how you're always making someone smile, Anna.

Alana Christine said...

Aww this is precious. Warms my heart!

Sweet Tea In Sicily said...

Awwwwwweeeeeeeee!! :) You deserve the best ;)