Dear Apple,

I may never, ever buy anything from you again. And I’m not even being dramatic. Cus today was supposed to just be a normal day, minus the part where I worked 9 hours at black Friday. But then I got off, went to make a phone call, and couldn’t hear anything. So I tried to turn up my volume, and saw my stupid iPhone thought it had headphones plugged in. Surprise! It totally didn’t. (Have I mentioned this baby is only a year old?) Sooo I did some googling, and tried everything from blowing on my phone to sucking out air to blow drying it to resetting it. Nothing will fix it. Tell me, Apple, what good is an iPhone that doesn’t make sound? I can’t make calls on it. Work doesn’t text me, my grandparents don’t text me, texting won’t save me in an emergency. Essentially, 365 days ago, I paid over $100 to have a pocket sized iPad that runs on 3G. Not what I wanted. And did I mention the power button hardware doesn’t work either? And that I was informed that it broke because of faulty manufacturing, but I would have to pay another $150 to get it fixed?

This is complete crap. If I pay for a higher end product, I expect better quality. Just like you wouldn’t pay for a Birkin bag only to get the quality of a purse you picked up from Wal-Mart. More money = better materials. You know what I’ve gotten from paying more money for your products? Items that mysteriously break as soon as the new phone comes out. It happened with my last iPhone, and it’s happened with this one.

Trust me, come my next paycheck I’ll be hustlin’ to get a Samsung and sell my Apple stock. I can’t support a company that has more interest in a fat pocket than a happy consumer.

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