Clothes, birthdays and furry paws


2013-01-21 001 1612013-01-21 001 1702013-01-21 001 1712013-01-21 001 1722013-01-21 001 1812013-01-21 001 1922013-01-21 001 193

(1. Dress f21, tights Gap/2. Shirt and sweater  Gap, necklace gift, jeans Hollister/3. Scarf Erin Fetherston, sweatshirt Gap, leggings Target/4. Sweater, shirt and jeans Gap, belt thrifted/5. Chambray shirt Gap, v-neck Old Navy, necklace Target/6. Sweater and shirt Target, belt Old Navy, jeans Hollister/7. Scarf Send the Trend, t-shirt Old Navy, sweater Gap)

This whole not wearing sweats out in public is a lot harder than I planned. School makes me lazy. Or at least that’s the story I’m going with.

But it’s okay, because Thursday was my birthday, and this year has hands down been the best birthday of my life. I have the greatest friends who took me out and made sure I had a blast, whether it was dinner, going to a dive bar and sitting in a exclusive guitar circle, or going all over downtown. I was surrounded by so much love, support and kindness all weekend. And I even got a birthday crown to wear out. Pageant habits die hard, I guess. 21 is going to be ten times better than 20, I can already tell.

(P.S. Since I’ve kinda stopped dumping all my instagrams into a post, you can see them all @annacombrink)


2013-01-21 001 1622013-01-21 001 1632013-01-21 001 1642013-01-21 001 165

Toby after a long day, and on our PetSmart date. Birthday celebration in downtown.

2013-01-21 001 1662013-01-21 001 1672013-01-21 001 1732013-01-21 001 176

With two of my favorite pageant sisters, Toby with his Lambchop, best giftcard I could’ve ever asked for.

2013-01-21 001 1772013-01-21 001 1782013-01-21 001 1792013-01-21 001 183

Birthday dinner with N, Toby and Callie deciding we should just stay in bed all day, proof it’s my birthday, and my caffeine fix.

2013-01-21 001 1842013-01-21 001 1852013-01-21 001 1882013-01-21 001 189

Red velvet birthday cake, birthday dress, EVERYONE PLAY ME IN FUNRUN I’M ADDICTED, Callie’s lady like paw pose.

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