College Diaries: Back to school paranoia

Here’s the thing, college is killer if you’re not on top of your game and playing defense constantly. You’ll take one day off to go see your friends and all of a sudden you’re three weeks behind in reading. Unless you’re a genius and plan ahead. Since school is about to start back up, it’s time to get your a game ready. ( I feel so sporty saying that) Cus it’s easy. And easy = do it so you can have a social life. You can thank me later in the form of owl merchandise.
1. Print out all your syllabus’ and bring them the first day. This probably makes me the biggest nerd ever, but a week before classes start I get online and find them. If they aren’t there, then I go back a semester or two just so I can get a rough idea of how the reading is scheduled. The first day of class you’ll already be a step ahead of everyone else just by having it, and can mark down any extra things the professor says instead of scrambling to read it while they add on those extra tips.
2. Block out time. For me, my work schedule changes every week so I try not to mark everything down to the minute.  I write out what needs to get done that day, so that morning I can arrange it all out. Sometimes this means I spend my lunch hour studying instead of sitting under trees giggling with my friends, but it also means I can relax later on. The easiest way for me to figure it out is divide reading up before the semester even begins (Like I’ll write in my planner “Read Ch. 3 of Advertising” on a certain day), then add on projects and assignments as the semester goes on.
3. Make sure you know the attendance policy. Last semester I got super sick the last month and a half, and had to miss a lot of one of my classes. I ended up failing by one point because of the attendance grades, and have to take the whole class over. If I had noted earlier on that the teacher required certain days, and didn’t excuse absences for any reason, I might’ve been able to fight it or suck it up and try to go to class long enough for the grade.
4. Buy any books you can beforehand. Some professors don’t release their materials list until class is in session, but if you have some you can buy beforehand, go do it. If I don’t have e-books, then I also go through with those super cool post-it flag things and mark out each exam section. If the exam doesn’t cover the chapters in order, I just mark each exam chapter in a different color (like exam one chapters are all pink, etc.) If  that’s really confusing, sorry.
5. Buy scantrons ahead of time and stick them in your bag. Remember that final I had where I completely forgot my scantrons? Seriously a low point in my college career. This semester I’m planning on writing on the top of each syllabus what type of scantron I need/if the professor is providing it (all but one of my profs did last semester and it was AMAZING) then highlighting it. Multiple times. And writing “HEY LOSER ACTUALLY READ THIS BEFORE FINALS!!!!!” in big, obnoxious letters. I’m not over that bio final yet.

Anything special you do to get ready for a new semester?

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