Today, I blogged.


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I’m bummed, because I had this really long post all written out, formatted, everything. Then I went to click publish and Windows Live Writer crashed. So instead, we’re doing the abridged version. Cus I know I won’t cry if that one gets lost.

1. I dyed my hair with L’Oreal Sublime Mousse and loved it. It was a little more liquidy than regular foam dye, but it smelt better so it balances out.

2013-01-08 001 011

2. I also got really crazy and bleached the ends of my hair with L’Oreal Wild Ombre Kit. And now I’m in love. I was terrified at first that it would be like my 6th grade disaster with sun-in (which gave me pumpkin hair) but it looks good, and subtle. Props, L’oreal.

2013-01-30 001 295

3. I also bought the L’Oreal nail lingerie stickers (They’re my favorite section on the make up aisle right now, it’s okay) and hated them. They’re just clear stickers that go over your nail polish, which is in theory a great idea. But they kept snagging on things, and then chipping. So my nails looked ridiculous and chipped.

4. Outfit info: Shirt, Old Navy; Jeans, Gap (Long and Lean), Necklace, f21. I also linked up here as a Style Sessions contributor, and you should too. It’s what all the cool blogs do. Winking smile


I have to go to the doctor in five minutes, again, because my knee is still convinced we’re senior citizens. So don’t take the whole “I’m not rewriting that entire post” thing personal.


Alana Christine said...

Love your hair! I should dye mine!

Rhiannon Lorenzo said...

your hair looks awesome!


Sarah Hartley said...

I've been wanting to give that Ombre dye a shot but I'm too chicken. I'm glad to know that it is as awesome as it seems!

Rebecca said...

Great dye job.....the result is FAB!!!!