Welcome to the vague blog

I have something I’m not super ready to announce yet, sorry, I know. Cliff hanger over here. There’s just too much that’s going to come with it, and I want to let some other aspects of my life calm down first. But, I love the way it came to be so I’m going to do this as vague and precise as possible (does that count as a contradiction?).

So first, you have to go read my article here about love. (Don’t all blogs give you homework? No. So sorry, just do it) I say homegirl in it so obviously it’s good. Completely serious.

Caught up now? So all that heart breaking business happened, and I went all woe is me! on everyone for awhile. Seriously, I must’ve sent “I’m going to be alone forever!” a thousand times. And a thousand times, my sweet friends would remind me that I took the right step.

Have you ever met someone for the first time and made sure you looked HOT? And then as you get to know them, you stop trying so hard and before you know you’re chillin’ in sweats and that t-shirt you bought in high school that has a hole in the sleeve? Yeah? So have you ever met someone who claims to be super wonderful and OMG you’re so similar it’s crazy. And you start connecting things. Like a literal GUYS WE LIVED ON THE SAME SIDE OF THE COUNTRY. Who cares that we were a good 1500 miles away from each other? Close enough, obviously it’s okay that he calls you names. Because you’re both from the same region of the country. HOLLLA! The point to this entire paragraph is that I was wasting a lot of time with people who weren’t who they said they were, and tried to justify it in really stupid ways.

So I kept praying. Over and over, that I could be done with heart break and done with facades. I’m pretty sure a light bulb turned on in my head, because everything made sense. Why was I going to people who didn’t have a similar life plan? Why was I trying to bond with people who could care less where they were in five years, when I make decisions FOR five years from now? (These are rhetorical, I don’t need to hear you tell me I was silly, I know it.)

Anyway, so this praying stuff. It happened. A lot. And the more I did it, the more I felt like I needed to talk to certain people who I hadn’t been as close to. The more I felt the need to keep some space between me and some people who didn’t see life the same way. And the more those people who did see life the same came into my life, the happier and happier I felt. The more I felt like I was on the journey I was supposed to be on all along.

The vague synopsis of this vague post is pretty easy (confusing?) to follow; I figured out who I was, so I aligned with people and chances that were in line with who I was and now everything is awesome. Oh, and I’m still going to throw HOLLA and homegirl around like it’s going out of style.


Christine Webb said...

I stumbled across this blog, and now I have to follow it to find out what your announcement is! Ha ha. :-)

Emilio Fernandez said...

i still love you.