When you take a bunch of pictures of yourself, this happens.

I needed to submit a headshot for a new project. And obviously I can’t turn in one that has my hair eight inches longer than it really is. Who does that? So I decided I’d just run outside and do some selfies really quick, pop them in PicMonkey and call it a day. Mistake #1, because then I turned into an indecisive mess.
And then the dogs started in. There are these three incredibly cute dogs that live at the house behind us. They also knocked down a few fence panels, so as soon as I stepped into the backyard they went crazy. I’m still not over the Great Dog Bite of 2013 (…Toby, I’m lookin’ at you) soooo awkward. Mistake #2, I decided to smile at them and see if that got them quiet. PSA: Dogs don’t appreciate smiles like humans do. They just bark more.
Basically, I shouldn’t keep expecting my seemingly good ideas to actually go off smoothly. And I should leave headshots to actual photographers and stick to dressing people, since that’s what I’m paid for.

At least we know this isn’t my secret talent?Winking smile

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