Awesome awkward Thursday


- Every time the younger kids come to campus, I get hit on. By boys 8-14. I never know what to say, so I end up just walking away really fast, because it's awkward, and creepy, and I'm just trying to get my learn on.
- Getting handed a handful of change at the drive thru, then having two drinks immediately thrusted at me as well. I can't hold everything.
- The mouse/rat thing that ran under my bedroom door last night, sat inside my shoe, sniffed my santa hat, wiggled it's nose at me and ran back under the door; all before I could scream.


- Freaking out about the mouse/rodent/rat thing, and my boyfriend leaving his video game to come rescue me.
- The little happy dance I've felt like doing every time I leave class the few days. I love that I feel like I belong now.
- Finding out the entire season of Pretty Little Liars has been DVR'd, so I can watch them all at once.

:) Anna

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