Texas is too hot for black pants

Denim shirt; Miley Cyrus for Wal-Mart; Tank, Gap; Jeggings, F21; Flats, Gap; Necklace, Vintage; Sunglasses, F21

Texas spring starts out chilly in the mornings, then much warmer in the afternoon. So I need something that keeps me comfortable in 60 degree weather AND 80 degree weather, since it changes while I'm in class. Denim on denim is perfect, because it's just the right weight, and is comfy enough to sit through three lectures.

I'm Anna, nineteen, and a Yankee who was transplanted into North Texas a few years ago. I almost never pay full price for any of my clothing, so the majority of this will be celebrating my found bargains. I'm obsessed with owls, and try to wear one in every outfit. This is my journey of trying to survive college without pulling my hair out, and maintaining my vow to never wear sweats outside the house.

Now, your turn. What're three unique things about YOU?

:) Anna


-AnGiEpInK- said...

Love you owl necklace..^_^..

Thank you so much for visiting my blog..I follow you back..

Anna said...

Thank you! It's one of my favorites :)

Of course! Thank YOU for following, I did a little happy dance when I noticed. ;)

Brooke said...

I love those flats! They are too cute! And look like they are very practical to go with almost anything!

Anna said...

Sorry it's taking me forever to respond, I had some password issues!

They go with absolutely everything, and make it look like I planned my outfit out. I love them, and I got them on a super sale, so you can't beat that. ;)