Are you ready for this?

So yesterday was V-Necks graduation from High School. It was also my first day out of the house, and I was so excited to get all dressed up. My outfits this last week have been variations of basketball shorts and t-shirts, so I needed the chance to feel cute again.

When I'm going to some type of event, I usually stick with bright colors. I know there's a bad rep with bright colors that you should only wear them if your confident, and it's slightly true. Don't wear them if you aren't willing to talk to random people. However, the bad rep can work in your favor. If people see you in bright clothes, they also assume your confident. Win for everyone. ;)

Everything in this picture is what I wore, except the belt and earrings, because I bought those forever ago on sale. (Obviously, that's not my head, either)

Going out
My actual earrings were from Old Navy, and the belt was from Claires.

What I normally do is find a bright colored dress, and work around that. I found this at Target, and fell in love. I wanted to belt it so it gave me a waist, and then added fun earrings since I was pulling my hair back. I've never worn my hair with two braids, but it may be my new go to. It was so easy to just braid the rest that was down afterwards, and I live for simplicity. 

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