I started my first big girl job last week. I'm teaching at a summer camp, so it's not major, but it's enough to make me feel like I'm slowly becoming an adult. I'm loving it so far. I taught magic to 3-5 year olds last week and helped with Star Wars camp, and am teaching magic to the older kids this week. I love working with kids, they always have the sweetest spirit, and even though I had to break up two fist fights within an hour and even though I had to answer 500 times that I wasn't going to be able to teach them how to turn people into cotton candy, I was giddy to go to work everyday.

On the first day of magic camp, one of my students wanted to draw me some pictures and make me presents.
He drew me a picture of him at five and a half (what he currently is, and the picture on the left), a picture of us (middle), a picture of him at six and a half (in my wallet, and not in the picture), a picture of all the hearts he feels for me (right), then made me a ring (the orange thing) and a bracelet (not pictured). He then followed this up by asking for my number and the password to my phone number in case I didn't answer. As crazy as they get, there is no better feeling than hearing your name called when someone hurts their feelings, or when they come up to you after having a week of not wanting to share; then tell you you're their best friend so they want to share candy with you because you make them love sharing. They remind you to appreciate the small things, and to see the world filled with wonder. 

My brother is a small-time magician, so he came up with one of his friends to do some tricks for my kids then lent me a few tricks to teach them to do for their magic show. They loved seeing the tricks, and loved doing the tricks even more. However, at four you haven't mastered secrets yet, so after each trick, when their parents would gasp in amazement, they'd proudly announce to everyone how it worked.But they were proud of themselves, and that was my goal.

However, I feel like everyone's growing up around me, and I'm just refusing to. It's not that I don't want to, I'm just enjoying this stage, if that makes any sense. In the last year, so much in my life has changed, and I don't know who I am anymore or who I want to be. Everyone else seems to be getting married and having babies, and I'm so happy for them, but I'm not ready. I love my boyfriend, but I just want to be in college with him and be careless for awhile. Maybe I'm becoming Alice in Wonderland. Maybe I'm just taking the long way home. 

I'm also developing a huge obsession with a) Jamberry Nails and b) the color red, at least beauty wise.

Jamberry Nails are nail shields in fun patterns, like the Sally Hansen version, except these are longer and don't have to be thrown out after the package is opened. With one sheet, I've done my nails twice so far, my toes twice and still have a few left over. Worth your $15.

Don't dread red

The title is creative, right? Right. Anyway, my only hesitation with red is that it gets everywhere. But as long as you give it some sort of base to hold on to (or a neutral to pair it with), you're good to go. 

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