I have great news!

If I could stand on top of a mountain and shout it, I would. That's how happy I am today.

First of all, my step-sister is having her water broken tomorrow morning. She already has a son, who I adore and share a birthday with, but I'm so excited there will be a little girl in the family to play with and buy cute things for.

Second of all, if you don't know, I'm a pageant girl. This May I tore my meniscus pretty bad and had to have surgery to remove the damaged part, which obviously meant no working out, no excessive walking, nothing. It's been 7 weeks since surgery, and even though it's still sore at times it feels a million times better and I've been able to do five miles or so on the bikes/treadmill. Plus, today turned out to be my last knee check up AND I was released to start prepping for pageants again. If it would've been appropriate to skip out of the hospital, I would have.

So in honor of all these good things going on, I'm linking up for What I'm Loving Wednesday.

This eyeliner pen. Two weeks ago, I bought a new eyeliner and lost it before I even got it out of the package. Payday isn't until Friday so I didn't want to stretch my diminishing bank account too far. I have loved ELF cosmetics since I first discovered them in middle school, way back before Target sold them. I'd make my parents pay the shipping from Australia once a year for Christmas so I could get all my favorites. So when I needed a new eyeliner, it made perfect sense to use them. It was only a dollar, and it works perfectly. It's lasted me since 7:30 this morning, hasn't smudged a bit and stayed on in the 103 degree Texas weather I had to stand in for half an hour. I really doubt I'll be replacing it come pay day.

I'm also loving both of these from ELF.

That Texas heat I mentioned earlier? It's killer on your make up. These kept my make up on for a four hour photo shoot in the 112 degree weather, and all day at work. Love, again.

Finally having some free time to clean my room. I got home earlier than normal yesterday, so I dedicated my entire afternoon to cleaning it. I still need to do the top of my dresser, but it's a huge start.

Sonic's Raspberry Sweet Tea, at happy hour prices. They gave me a smaller size than I ordered, but it was only a dollar, so I'm okay with it. All the budget cuts have made tuition go up, and financial aid go down, so anything that saves me money is quite okay.


Beth McC. said...

Love me some Sonic Happy Hour!!!

Sarah said...

ELF products are kind of more than amazing. And, Sonic Happy Hour? To die for. but, CONGRATS on being able to compete again! That's so exciting and must be the best feeling in the world :) You definitely have a lot of awesome things to be lovin'!

Anonymous said...

I so wish we had Sonics around here! I always see people blogging about their love for Sonic, and I think I am missing out, ha! Congrats on your new niece and your recovery!! :-)