There are few things better than an incredible and free book.

You know those books you start reading, and then can't put down until you finish it? That's how this was. One of the freebie blogs I read posted a bunch of free nook books, so I downloaded it just because it was free, but it was so good I'll probably end up buying an actual copy. I literally read it every free second I had, and I'm still wishing there was more to read.

You can download the book for free here. Also, you don't need to have a nook to read it. You can download an app for your computer or phone to read them on. I started reading mine on my phone last night, then read some more at the doctor's office, then finished on my computer. But it is one of the best books I've read in awhile.

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Raven said...

Hey Anna, I tried emailing you back about your comment on my blog but it said there was no returnable email address :(

But you have met some pretty cool people! And singing with Kelly, that is awesome!!

Maybe one day you and Carrot Top can marry HAHA!!!