Awesome and Awkward Thursday


  • Seeing someone you know in public, and giving them the "I know you" eye contact, and them continuing to walk. 
  • Hearing someone chew their kids out in public, when they were just being kids. 
  • Yelling at my class to be quiet, as a parent walked in. She was on my side, but it was still awkward to be caught yelling.
  • Subbing in sports camp. I am not sports-oriented whatsoever. 
  • Making brownies for your co-workers as a nice gesture, but then actually giving it to them. I couldn't tell if they thought I was up to something or a suck up.
  • The laser light that was pointed at our door window at 10PM last night...?
  • Doing Awkward/Awesome Thursday on Friday. But I was tired last night. 9 six year olds who's parents give skittles for breakfast wore me down.

  • Boyfriends that search the house and outside for you when you think someone is trying to shoot into your house with a laser sight. 
  • Pay day.
  • The owl shirt I got at Old Navy with the $4 deal.
  • And these shorts for $6.

  • Pretzel M&M's.
  • Being able to practice wearing heels again. My feet were babies and only lasted an hour, but I can work up to a whole day, right?;)

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