1. Two more weeks of camp! I love working with kids, and I love that I work at the same place as Cody, I really do. But I'm looking forward to a life of college and going into a bathroom without having to figure out the proper way to convince a three year old that the toilet won't eat her. I have so much respect for Stay-at home mom's. Both time I've worked in child care, it's been three or four hours a day. I don't know how y'all do it 24/7. 
  2. Road trip on Friday! I'm kinda nervous since we're staying with his family and it's out of my element. But we all get along, so hopefully it's really fun and a nice break from everything else.
  3. All the free stuff I've been finding lately! I follow some freebie blogs and deal sites. (SaveMore is a really good one. You get ten dollars for signing up, and some of the deals are less than $10 so you can use your credit on that) The last few weeks I've gotten nail stickers, a monogrammed necklace, two phone cases, a customized photo book and some books for absolutely free. It's definitely worth looking at. Let me know if you need help finding some sites to start with. 
  4. My knee. Yesterday I ran a mile uphill on the running machine, something I never did before surgery. I love that even though it's sore, I know it's sore because it's healing and not because it's still injured. 
  5. All the nice people at the Y. Women come up to me in the locker room to chat, older men come and sit with me at my table so I'm not alone, I feel so blessed every time I meet someone else there. 
  6. Trusting that I'll be led to the right path, and giving up worry over things that aren't worth worrying about. Lately every time one of the kids starts crying over something I'll ask them "Are you really going to be worried about this tomorrow? What about in five years?" They are sometimes too young to understand the concept, but it's started creeping into my whole life and I find myself asking all the time. It calms me down and reminds me most things are small and not worth the stress or wrinkes. ;)
  7. The little girls in my class today who got in a fight over who would be Mama Owl. I was so proud they had picked up on my love of owls.
  8. My sweet boyfriend who listened to me whine about a hard day at work, and then headed to the store to find me a red velvet cupcake.

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