Summer is good for new beginnings

And it was time for my desk to have one.

When we first moved from Connecticut, my parent's took us to the furniture store and let us get all new stuff, since everything we had up in Connecticut my dad had made. So we went and I fell in love with a desk. It was perfect and girly, white with crystal handles.

That's not the one I ended up with. I got a stained wood desk, for my new "western" home, and I hated it. So last week, Cody and I decided it was time to get some paint and make it pretty so that I could study on it instead of laying on my bed. I'm a psychology major so it's about time I start adhering to the psychology of studying properly, right?

We started with this:

I spray painted the handles of the drawers silver, and the rungs of my chair silver, too. 

Then we painted the rest of the wood and the chair white.

Some of the silver of the chair got white, so I tied some pretty fabric I had from an old Halloween costume around as a skirt, and I love how it turned out. I actually studied at it for 4 hours today, the white made it ten times easier to focus. ;)

P.S. That frame up there? A dollar from wal-mart, some spray paint/painters tape and chalkboard paint. Voila!

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Ashley said...

i love love LOVE this!!!!!!