Memories and necklaces

Ever since middle school, when I first started wearing jewelry, all of my things have been kept in little bowls. I had a bowl for necklaces, one for rings, and one for bracelets. Then as my collection grew, I had an owl shaped plate that became the catch-all for all my accessories. A few months ago, Target had painted bowls in the dollar section, so I got one to hold all the jewelry I wear regularly. But it wasn't working. I could never remember what stuff I had, or where it was so I'd end up buying MORE accessories that look very similar.

So yesterday I went through and dumped all of it on my bed and sorted through. I wrapped a bulletin board in patterned tissue paper, then put wooden push pins in the top to hang all my necklaces. The best part about reorganizing it all was finding the memories. The necklace I wore for my first really good talent at the State level. The necklaces and pendants I inherited from my Great-Grandma these past few months. The necklace Mom gave me on my sixteenth birthday, to remind me how precious I am to her. The necklace I was given while I tried to leave a bad boyfriend, a little fortune cookie that's fortune reads "happy life". My mom's engagement ring from my dad, that she passed down to me on my eighteenth birthday. The vintage watch necklace I wore to my Great-Grandma's funeral, the first person close to me to pass away. Every owl necklace I've ever bought. It was like watching my life's story unfold in front of me up to this point. Each piece represented a chapter in my life.

And now, they're all displayed on my wall, so I am constantly reminded of just who I am, and what my story is. My rings are in the pretty yellow painted bowl, and my earrings are safely hung on what was designed to be a letter holder. They all  tell a story, such deep stories that I never imagined they'd hold when I first got them.

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