I may or may not be developing an obsession

Lately, every where I look Lauren Conrad is there. I was never a huge fan of her shows, but I'd watch them occasionally. I started reading her beauty blog a few months ago, and now I'm beginning to obsess. She is so ambitious and confident, succeeding despite all of the people rooting against her. I love it. I love that passion, I want that passion. And her clothes. I love her clothes. Which is good, because our styles are similar.

Like this? This was pretty much my winter go to outfit (and I hadn't seen this picture at that point, I just found it today.)

I love this.

And I can't wait for her new line, Paper Crown, to be released.

The fedora? I need. I've been trying to convince Cody I need one, but he seems skeptical.

The only outfit of hers I'm not a big fan of is this bathing suit.

But I'll let it slide since everything was perfect in this month's Lucky where she was the cover model.

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