Get to know me, randomly

  1. I lived in Connecticut for ten years, and still consider myself a yankee. 
  2. It's been a little over three months since my surgery, and almost six months since I tore my knee, but I still carry a little cloth brace with me because it gets bad.
  3. I'm obsessed with my nails being painted with a color/design I can stand. 
  4. I always feel guilty for complaining about how exhausted I am because I see how tired my sister is from her new baby, but really? I'm so tired I can barely think straight sometimes. 
  5. I have three pet crabs. And sometimes I forget, and when people during class ask me about myself I'll say "Hi, I'm Anna and I have crabs" Obviously I have tons of friends. :P
  6. I stalk freebie sites.
  7. I find crackle nail polish so incredibly entertaining.
  8. I love pretzel M and M's/chocolate covered pretzels, just because then I can suck off the chocolate and eat pretzels. Weird?
  9. I once modeled dressed in cotton bunting.
                                          Photo 1 by Brandy                                                                                          

      Photo 2 by Brandon


Ashley said...

this. is. AWESOME. you rock that cotton sista!!! :)

elise said...

Seriously, the cotton dress slays me. That's SO great!