Hazy days

I got a 95 on my Spanish test!!!

I texted my dad to tell him the good news, and his reply was “OLE!”


Now that that’s out of the way.


I started my new job on Friday, and so far I love it. I’m working with a bunch of at risk kids, tutoring them and preparing them for college. It seems like it’s going to be all the parts of the Y that I loved, without all the potty drama.


Saturday was Cody’s first day of serving by himself, so I decided I would be a good girlfriend and surprise him. I convinced my brother and his friend to come with me, and off we went.


I even dressed up.

We get there, and apparently he JUST got cut as a server. So we decide to stay anyway and get an appetizer. The restaurant apparently doesn’t serve those. So after ten minutes, we finally find the dessert menu and pick out our orders. Ridiculous.


I got new nail shields on Friday, from a different company and I hate them. They won’t stay on, even with nail glue. I’ll give you a run down tomorrow, after my test.

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