I just need to get this out

 Yes, I complain about my classes sometimes.
And yes, I sometimes complain about being exhausted from school; staying up late studying, then going to school four hours, then study and eat, then working a four hour shift at my elementary school, then finally come home to study some more.
And yes, I am aware that some people are single mothers who don't get to leave their job at six and be kid free. I was have lived with a single mother since I was ten. I get how hard it is.

However, I feel like it's just not fair to tell me that I have no right to complain about my classes at work, or complain about school, or complain about how stressed out I am because you're a mother so that makes you ten times more everything than I am. I get it, you're tired, stressed out and don't get to leave them at six and go home.

But really, there are other people in the world who are in situations not exactly the same but still have the right to need to vent.

I dealt with three fist fights over line cutters. A child who clung to me sobbing all day. 15 kindergartners who had no homework, then decided to write on the tables and floor when I gave them crayons to color with. 40 fourth graders who decided they'd rather slam each other's heads into the wall instead of playing, ignoring me when I was talking, and with a five year old still clinging to me sobbing. A group of first and second graders who were crazy, screaming, running in the library, and a little boy trying to offer advice on what porn sites the kids should visit later. When I told him to stop he screamed "BOOBIES! VAGINA!" over and over again until he finally fell asleep. Then, I had three kids in front of me sobbing, and then turn around to see the five year old run head first into an easel that almost collapses on him. Right after I just had calmed him down from doing a belly flop on a plastic chair when I turned around to hand a kid a book.

So no, I didn't stay up all night with a baby.

And no, I didn't have to sacrifice a shower so that I could watch my kids.

But I stayed up all night to study, woke up early, took a test then rushed home so I could shower and stuff my face, then went straight to work where I dealt with screaming children hanging on me all day.

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