25 need to know facts

1. I recently discovered knitting. So last night I was watching one of my favorite Jodi picoult books as a lifetime movie, and complaining about how they cut out the best parts. While knitting. Laying under an afghan. Cody was not amused.

2. I don't understand why fast food places aren't open when I get out of class at ten. All I wanted was some Wendy's Chicken Nuggets. I pull up to the drive thru, no one talks. This almost went down... (just kidding. But it still cracks me up)

And when I went to google if they just weren't open yet, this popped up.
3. I don't really think before I say things. I just kinda say them. Same with sending e-mails, texts and tweets. I really should, it would help me avoid really awkward situations. Like yelling "Why do I need to pick the oldest president?!" in Speech class or explaining to my Spanish prof that people are giggling because she said pedo which sounds like pedophile.

4. I don't eat bread when I eat sandwiches. I'm not sure why, I just don't like it. So when I make them myself, I just don't put bread on. When I order them, I order the bread and just pull the food apart. I have really odd eating habits.

5. I have a major obsession with Sims 3. I'm a sophomore in college, and I'm most excited about this week off from everything because it means more time to play Sims Pets.

6. My birthday is right around MLK day every year. One year, it was actually on it. Being my clever eight year old self, I demanded my mom make me a half chocolate, half vanilla cake. To show that I supported the civil rights movement, I guess.

7. And when my parents announced they were getting divorced, my clever ten year old self made signs that said anti-King Henry, since he was the first high profile person to get a divorce.

8. Cody loses his phone constantly. So sometimes when we go to Wal-Mart and he's lost his phone somewhere at home, I find it hilarious to play hide and seek from him. Then I grab the nearest object whenever I see him. So by the time he finds me, I'm carrying a toilet plunger, some paint, a shirt, hair dye, and a bottle. Best game ever, until you go put everything back. 

9. I love cuddle time with my cat. When I grow up, I'm totally okay with being a crazy cat lady.

10. I end up in some really awkward situations. Like turning around and seeing a guy smelling me. Or today,  parking at a red light, and seeing someone taking a picture of me with their phone. Or the photo shoot in the ghetto with people driving by slowly to watch.

11.  When I first got my car, he was named the Albino Hearse. And then I got in a wreck that almost killed me, and my parents ordered me to change the name. So now I call him Snow Owl, and I haven't gotten in a wreck since.

12. If I don't wake up, get coffee and listen to Kidd Kraddick, the day just doesn't feel like it's started on the right foot.

13. DIY projects are so incredibly relaxing. I'm obsessed with the rush I get when I'm in a craft store picking out what I need for my next project.

14. I have my nails painted 99.9% of the time. I rarely go out without them painted. It drives me crazy if they're not, I feel like they're dry and I start obsessing.

15. I love owls. Love, love, love. Is that really a surprise?

16. I am constantly changing how I want things to be designed and arranged. I'm already dreaming of a new blog layout. How do I accomplish anything in life?

17. I have watched Dr. Phil every day since I was in middle school. He's a genius, most of the time, and I love hearing all the stories.

18. I make myself laugh on a daily basis. No one else may get the joke, but I find it hilarious. Like today, realizing that not only did I accidentally write "Yes, I have dead people at my house." on my Spanish test. (In Spanish, if you're confused) but other people wrote stuff like " I have dead people at six PM on Sundays in my house" "I shower in dead people" and "I have dead people in my living room as chairs".  I was laughing so hard I was crying.

19.  My boyfriend may honestly be a bigger fan of chick flicks than I am. I'm more of a horror and comedy girl.

20. Sometimes I really want to make myself look like a mess so I can go onto a make over show. That's seriously one of my biggest dreams. Is that weird?

21. I hate going to the mall, because the kiosk people terrify me. I don't do well with people grabbing me and throwing me into chairs.

22. I only have two major pet peeves; if we're sitting in the same class, don't expect me to listen for you and then get mad when I don't tell you and people who don't keep their germs to themselves. Like when they snot rocket and stuff. SO GROSS.

23. I'm known as the pageant girl at school, but I'm not competing this year so it's become so evident how deeply apart of my identity pageants were, and how hard I have to work to reshape my identity.

24. I would shop on line all the time if there were little tubes that the put your stuff in so you got it instantly. I hate ordering and then waiting for it to show up.

25. I think I'm a shopping addict.


KnittedFox said...

I like your list~ it made me smile. It's matter of the fact and unapologetic. It's great!

Numbers 1 & 9 are my favorite because I feel the exact same way.

Have a great Monday!

Lauren Lu said...

Ka Illing me.

I was watching Salem Falls and wondering "I know I read this book... What happened?"

You've inspired me to do a random post. Hopefully tonight as I don't have any true studying to accomplish.

SweetTeaInSicily said...

Haha.. So much of this is so me! I was the pageant girl in school!! I don't miss it at all now... and if I don't start the day off w/o coffee, it is a BAD DAY. lol