Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

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Since we’re this close to the weekend, let’s talk about some awkward and awesome happenings, shall we?
  • The fact that my iPhone’s photo names some how all got changed from Photo whatever to Crabs whatever. According to my google-ing it isn’t supposed to let you do that. So, why did this happen? And why of all things would it choose CRABS?
  • Studying on the front porch while people are trick or treating. And the amount of small children who sat down next to me to read what I was reading. And the fact that I took that as a cue to teach them about gender stratification. We were a popular house after that.
  • When I was taking my Spanish test, one of the oral questions was where do you buy your clothes? In Spanish, the word German (referring to the nationality) and mall are similar. So as my answer I wrote down that I buy my clothes in German people. I caught it before I turned it in, but I had written it in pen. I’m sure she’s laughing at me as we speak.
  • This picture:     Cody and I were playing with my phone and it was at a weird angle. I did not each too much Halloween candy, I promise.
  • Being the first one done with a test. I always feel like everyone’s either staring at me like I’m crazy for being done, or judging me really harshly. I know in reality they probably don’t care, but whatever.
  • The amount of open classes for next semester. Registration started today, and when I went to go put my classes in my basket so they’d be ready at midnight for me to enroll, I noticed only two sections of Bio and both sections are during my work day. So I’m taking an on-line bio lab, but not the lecture I need to finish my basics. I’m so mad, because that’s three credit hours I lost. DANG IT, school, OPEN UP MORE SECTIONS.
  • The girl who walked around Tuesday explaining to everyone on campus that she’s a vampire and had her last good meal last weekend. Halloween was Monday. And now I’m scared to walk alone on campus, kinda. I’m not quite clear on how Vampires work. We have being allergic to garlic in common though. Maybe if I befriend her I’ll be safe from blood sucking?
  • That white pumpkin up there. One of my kindergartners gave it to me because he wanted me to have something pretty. He’s one who I normally have a hard time communicating with, so it melted my heart.
  • That feeling you get when you’ve been so stressed out about an upcoming deadline, and get everything in on time. Like you’re on top of the world.
  • Christmas owl decorations!
  • Finals survival kits. I hate finals, but I love the care packages. Mainly because I love school supplies, and they send you those. Plus I love feeling like people are cheering me on as I study. Kinda. Winking smile
  • That turkey hat on Cody’s head up there. It also sings, dances and gave him a head full of glitter. Seeing him dance to it all over Wal-Mart definitely made up for my sick day.

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KnittedFox said...

How sweet of that boy to give you a gift. It's such a cute little pumpkin too.

I picked up some really cute owl ornaments at Target a few years back. It seems like each year I see more and more owl ornaments there. Have you seen them there?

Glad you are feeling better!