No clever title to contain my excitement.

I try not to double post, but this is my blog. So I'm going to do what I want, and today I want to double post. BAM.

I didn't go to work yesterday (obviously), so when I walked in to work today I expected one or two kids to ask me where I was but nothing like what actually happened. The kindergartners came in and I was instantly surrounded by all of them. They had bought me chocolate, begged stickers from their teachers and saved all the owls from their animal crackers just in case I was back today. They kept telling me how lonely yesterday was with their "favorite teacher". One little boy even came up to me and said "Miss Anna, I don't like it when you're not here. Without my favorite teacher, I have no one to give all my extra love to at 21 century". When I took them to homework time, they all wanted to hold my hand and sit right next to me.

Then it came time to take my actual class. Thursdays I teach third grade science. Normally they aren't as lovey as the kindergartners, I think it's just the age. But today they all came running up to hug me and tell me how much they missed me. We got to my room, and they were all quiet and participated. We're doing a weather unit, but couldn't go outside because it's outlandishly cold right now. So I had them give mock weather reports, but told them they had to make them interesting by singing, dancing, rapping, whatever. They did so good! In fact, they had so much fun with it that they begged me to ask my boss if they could perform for everyone. She said yes and so they got up in front of our whole program and did their dance/song weather report. I was so incredibly proud of them, and it solved a problem I had been having getting the kids excited about science. I get so much resistance from them about having to go to science class, but after everyone saw the performance, they all were begging to do science with me next six weeks.

I love my job, and I love feeling like I am truly making a difference in their lives.

Oh, and. I went to the dentist today and while they were cleaning my teeth the hygienist stopped and looked at me kinda weird. Then she said "Your oral hygiene is just amazing. No plaque anywhere and your teeth are so strong now!" I've gone to the same dentist since I was 11, so I'm not sure what my teeth were like before that had her so impressed. I use Crest 3D white, if anyone else wants to floor their hygienist with their skills.


Lindsey said...

Your comment just made my day!! I Love that you've been around from the beginning!!! And omg I know exactly what you mean about the kiddos except I have only one attached to my hip (Reese) and it's the best feeling in the world. Kids under 6 are seriously the sweetest, most presh, most innocent things. I love it and love that you love your job so much. Lucky you :)


KnittedFox said...

How amazing! And exciting! d(*^__________^*)b

Sandra said...

Thanks for the comment! I hope I can find the app, it doesn't show up when I search for it... :/


KnittedFox said...

Lol, he's such a goofball- hiding your owls~ I can't say that Aaron hasn't done similar things though. It is normally candy and junk food that he hides from me though. I need to get better at my self control. xD