Awkward and Awesome Austin

 First off, this has nothing to do with Austin, but I'm so excited about it that I'm going to add it anyway. At my school, before you can be a part of your major you have to complete a certain amount of credits and get a high enough GPA. Final grades came out yesterday, and today I got the e-mail saying that I was accepted in the College of Science for Psychology. I am so excited. :)
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  • The street we spent most of our time on had tons of vintage shops. Mom wanted to go into a book store, and I wanted to go to American Apparel. So we split up and decided to meet at the car. Noah and I got done way earlier than her and were waiting at the car for ten minutes, five of which were spent with a car glaring at us because they wanted our spot.
  • The people sitting on the sidewalk making art trying to sell it, who then got livid when no one bought anything and started throwing their stuff everywhere in anger. There was a art fair two shops away, that might've hindered their business a bit.
  • Having to ask if something has paprika on it. 
  • Candy cigarettes, only because I think they taste disgusting.
  • Gas station bathrooms. I’m a huge germaphobe as it is, but something about them makes my skin crawl. I have discovered in my numerous road trips that Love’s gas station and Burger King tend to have the nicest bathrooms. Gas stations in the middle of no where, especially ones that require a key, aren’t as nice. When in doubt, I pick a restaurant bathroom. And if I haven’t convinced you yet how bad this one was, we were walking around looking at food, and I found a shelf full of stuff covered in so much mold you couldn’t tell what the food was supposed to be. And they were selling it.
  • We listened to Comedy stations on pandora the whole way down, and some of them were so raunchy and weird to be listening to with my mom. I don’t care how old I am, it is still awkward to hear men talk about what strippers are doing to them, while sitting with my mom. Even though it doesn’t seem to phase her at all.
  • The people you see. We saw a bald, male bartender with door knocker earrings, numerous street style outfits, dogs all dressed up. Austin is incredible people watching.
  • Vintage shops.
  • Stores that sell nothing but those cool knick knacks you see on line.
  • Grease sing a long. They gave us a balloon, bubbles, a comb and candy cigarettes as we walked in. Then they showed the entire movie, with lyrics on the bottom of the screen. Everyone was dancing around and singing along. During Beauty School Drop Out the whole theater was filled with bubbles, then at the very end for We Go Together, we had a balloon war. So much fun. Even my brother got into it.
  • Waking up to Starbucks.

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GingerPeachT said...

Hahaha wow what a awkward and awesome time!!
That grease sing along thing would be right up my alley!! Was it a dinner theater sort of place?
Never had candy cigs. Looks like chalk lol
What was your present?!?
Have a good Christmas!