Awkward and Awesome


  • On Saturday, I went to the doctor. ( I know. Again. My immune system is amazing) and I was complimented on both my beautiful blood pressure and my wonderful ear canals. Hollla. And thank ya very much. 
  • My Spanish prof coming over to me in the middle of the final to talk to me about how everyone in the class seemed to have colds.
  • That as of today at 10AM I'm free from school until my birthday!
  • Writing to Santa with my students. They are so sweet and so excited about it. 
  • Nice people. I had a guy let me cut in line at the gas station yesterday, and Tuesday a woman noticed I was only buying two things, so she let me go in front of her, then wished my luck on my finals.


  • At the shoot Monday, I was wearing shorts and a tank top for them to wrap the tulle around me. Only when we went to go outside, we realized it's freezing outside. So I borrow the photographers pea coat. Once I wrapped the pea coat around me, we realized I looked like I was a flasher. Which caused me to gain quite a following around downtown. 
  • My prof not showing up on time to our final. It's been scheduled an entire semester. Really?
  • When you go to the DR and sign in, but the receptionist doesn't notice you. Because then you get stuck sitting there too long.
  • Taco Bell changed the smell of their napkins, and it grosses me out. 


SweetTeaInSicily said...

Haha I guess in Italy people just assume you're nice.. they ASK if they can go in front of you if they have less than you.. even if it's just less by one item... or just SMALLER! so weird. Haha :) Have a great Christmas Break, pretty lady!

Alyssa said...

Hahahaha I bet they were dying to know what was under that pea coat!

Niina - It seems pretty obvious. said...

Haha this is a lovely post, that last comment about the napkins really made me laugh...but yes, the weirdest smells can gross you out!

Have a lovely weekend! //Niina

Jamie said...

ew, hate gross smelling napkins!!!