Shoots and finals

My plan had been to save these for a few days, I'm too excited about how they came out. Here are a few. Any major opinions?
Window, window.
All Photos by Harlowe Fine Arts Gallery
Downtown FW
So today at finals. I show up at seven thirty. The final starts at eight. I figured that left me plenty of time to get to my class, study, chill, pray, whatever. Eight rolls around. No teacher. Eight fifteen rolls around, still no teacher. And at this point, I have girls to my right trying to stir up a revolution against the teacher, and guys to my left screaming basketball cheers. My school doesn't have a football team, just basketball. So I guess that was the logical thing to do. Whatever. So then my prof shows up. Sits down in front of the 100 students waiting to get in the class, and finishes angry birds. Priorities. And then it turns out she doesn't have a key to get in, so we have to wait for the police. My final started thirty minutes late. I almost had a heart attack. 

But my studying paid off. And she won angry birds. Everyone is a champion in this story.


Alyssa said...

Ugh!! I had a teacher like that this semester! She wasn't late for the exam but she showed up late for the exam review class and without her key. Glad your teacher won Angry Birds though haha! And the extra study time must've been nice! :)

KnittedFox said...

The pictures are so pretty!!

Yay~ I'm glad it's over and done with for you. d^_^b

Janna Renee said...

Those pics are truly art...I would LOVE to create some images HALF as intriguing as those!