Some awkwards and some awesomes

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Okay, two things.
One, I have a teensy teeny little announcement. I'm not doing 20 by 20 anymore. I'm completely and totally bored with them, and literally dread the days I have to write them. So if you're really that upset about it, get over it. Just kidding, e-mail me and I"ll be sure to send you my thoughts on the scheduled topics once a week. :)
Two, I've decided to spice things up and live on the wild side. So you know what? I'm going to do the awesomes first. I know, I amaze myself, too.
  • Waking up Monday morning to my alarm going off, open my eyes and see my cat completely dancing to the song. I mean full on booty shaking and head shaking. Best way to start my Monday.
  • "Miss Anna, Justin Beieber is my girlfriend and we're in love"
  • And then the girl who heard her friend say that comment, ran up to me with these huge eyes and said "BUT MISS ANNA, MY PARENTS TOLD ME HE WAS GAY!" They kill me.
  • Kids who run up to you when they see you first thing after school to show you their good grade, give you a huge hug and remind you they love you. I love all that unconditional love. 
  • Hanging With Friends. If I have to explain, you need to go download it and then send me an invite. "Annaandtgeowls" That's not a typo, there really is a g in there. I typed it when I was running on an hour of sleep. Proof reading isn't my thing when I haven't been sleeping.
  • Decorating my room for Christmas just in time for some ridiculously cold since I live in Texas weather. 
  • Baby sitting my cousins, discovering an owl on the searching game we were playing, and them letting me keep that tile next to me the entire night. So sweet.
  • My new phone case.
  • Boyfriends that brave the freezing cold to go buy your mom a birthday cake.
  • That random yo-yo? A present from one of my favorite babies, who told me he loved me so he wanted to give it to me for Christmas.
  • Vacation time coming in December!
  • There's this boy at work who was always bad. To the point that his parents would get called almost daily. Then last week I started giving him a hug every day and tried not to yell when he didn't listen. All of a sudden, he's good. Like, really good. And every day he comes running over to me to give me a huge hug and tell me how much he missed me. Stuff like that, seeing the change in a kid, is why I love my job.
  • How long that list was
  • Having a closet full of clothes, and nothing to wear. And living with no one who understands those sentiments.
  • FB drama through status'. I know your status is about their status, you know it and they know it. Why don't you just call them and talk about it?Actually on second thought, it's more fun for me to read the drama.
  • Super long work meetings that end with people complaining that they're the only ones with young children at home. Once again, you're apparently only allowed to be in a rush to get home/tired/busy if you have kids.
  • "Hi, I uh had to write your child up because he got in a fist fight then stabbed someone. Why, you ask? He wanted to hold my hand..."
  • Having to go to the bathroom in the middle of class. And then getting up and leaving. Then coming back. So everyone is staring at you. 
  • Waking up in the middle of the night and thinking it's time to go for school. Yeah, it's 1AM. Go back to sleep.
  • The fact that 1AM is the middle of the night for me. Actually, it's not. I went to bed around midnight because I was reading. Did I mention I'm in college and not eighty five...?
  • People who don't understand my sarcasm and think I'm being serious. The six year olds? Yeah, okay, it'll go over their heads. But adults? Get with it. I'm kidding.
  • Cody invited me to his Christmas work party last night. Five minutes before I started. So I got up, put on real clothes and went. Only he worked the first thirty minutes of it, so I was the awkward person standing in front of the fire place talking to no one. Finally I saw a girl I went to HS with who works with him and  sat with me, then was able to talk their managers into letting him stop working. 
  • I tripped over a kid's backpack yesterday when I was teaching my lesson, and caught my whole body on my bad knee. It hurts so bad. And if I tore it again, I'm going to cry big huge crocodile tears, because they've already warned me my next step would probably be knee replacement. At twenty. How cool am I?

P.S. Want another awesome moment? Go read this blog post. I can name a FB friend for every single type. 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        • Christmas decorations just in time

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